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BACKGROUND Ejection intraventricular pressure gradients are caused by the systolic force developed by the left ventricle (LV). By postprocessing color Doppler M-mode (CDMM) images, we can measure noninvasively the ejection intraventricular pressure difference (EIVPD) between the LV apex and the outflow tract. This study was designed to assess the value of(More)
BACKGROUND The physiological basis of right ventricular (RV) diastolic function remains incompletely studied in humans. The driving force responsible for RV filling, the pressure gradient along the RV inlet from the right atrium to the RV apex, has never been measured in the clinical setting. METHODS AND RESULTS We validated a method for measuring the RV(More)
AIMS The physiological determinants of RV diastolic function remain poorly understood. We aimed to quantify the contribution of elastic recoil to RV filling and determine its sensitivity to interventricular interaction. METHODS AND RESULTS High-fidelity pressure-volume loops and simultaneous 3-dimensional ultrasound sequences were obtained in 13 pigs(More)
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