Marília Oliveira

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Few studies have investigated the pharmacological response of agents that act on the cholinergic system from the point of view of age. The present article investigated central responses (tremor) and peripheral responses (chromodacryorrhea) subsequent to the administration of oxotremorine to young (3-6 months of age) and aged rats (24-30 months of age). The(More)
Tissue healing is a complex process that involves local and systemic responses. The use of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for wound healing has been shown to be effective in modulating both local and systemic response. Usually the healing process of bone is slower than that of soft tissues. The effects of LLLT on bone are still controversial as previous(More)
Quality of electronic health record systems (EHR-S) is one of the key points in the discussion about the safe use of this kind of system. It stimulates creation of technical standards and certifications in order to establish the minimum requirements expected for these systems. [1] In other side, EHR-S suppliers need to invest in evaluation of their products(More)
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