María del Mar Francés

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Transmitted light images showed an intricate and dynamic cytoplasmic structural network in cultured bovine chromaffin cells observed under high magnification. These structures were sensitive to chemicals altering F-actin-myosin and colocalised with peripheral F-actin, beta-actin and myosin II. Interestingly, secretagogues induced a Ca2+-dependent, rapid(More)
Chromaffin granules are restrained in a dense cortical cytoskeleton before releasing their complex mix of active substances in response to cell stimulation. In recent years, the complex organization and dynamics of the chromaffin cell cortex has been unveiled through its analysis with a range of techniques to visualize this structure, including confocal(More)
It has been proposed recently that the F-actin cytoskeleton organizes the relative disposition of the SNARE proteins and calcium channels that form part of the secretory machinery in chromaffin cells, a neurosecretory model. To test this idea, we used confocal microscopy do determine if DsRed-SNAP-25 microdomains, which define the final sites of exocytosis(More)
Cultured bovine chromaffin cells have been used extensively as a neuroendocrine model to study regulated secretion. In order to extend such experimental findings to the physiological situation, it is necessary to study mayor cellular structures affecting secretion in cultured cells with their counterparts present in the adrenomedullary tissue. F-actin(More)
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