María del Carmen Rodríguez-Hernández

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Recommendation systems have been successfully used to provide items of interest to the users (e.g., movies, music, books, news, images). However, traditional recommendation systems do not take into account the location as a relevant factor when providing suggestions. On the other hand, nowadays, there exist an increasing amount of geo-referenced data and(More)
Climatic change predicts elevated salinity in soils as well as increased carbon dioxide dioxide [CO2] in the atmosphere. The present study aims to determine the effect of combined salinity and elevated [CO2] on sulfur (S) metabolism and S-derived phytochemicals in green and purple broccoli (cv. Naxos and cv. Viola, respectively). Elevated [CO2] involved the(More)
UNLABELLED Broccoli, (Brassica oleracea var. Italica), is generally recognized as a nutritive food rich in natural antioxidants, including vitamins and phenolics compounds. Phytochemical composition of 3 different purple sprouting broccoli varieties according with their production cycle: EEP (Extra Early), EP (Early), and LP (Late) were determined. The 3(More)
Nowadays, due to the high availability of heterogeneous data sources that can provide interesting information, users usually suffer from information overload. Therefore, the development of adaptive information systems that can offer personalized information and filter out irrelevant data for a user is required. Significant work has been developed to solve(More)