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Mannans are hemicellulosic polysaccharides in the plant primary cell wall (CW). Mature seeds, specially their endosperm cells, have CWs rich in mannan-based polymers that confer a strong mechanical(More)
During zygotic embryogenesis of turnip-tops (Brassica rapa L. cv. Rapa), the polygalacturonase activity (PG; EC, measured as a decrease in viscosity of polygalacturonic acid, reached a high(More)
The influence of nitrate upon the germination of Sisymbrium officinale seeds is not entirely controlled by after-ripening (AR), a process clearly influenced by nitrate. Recently, we have reported(More)
In this work, four cDNA clones (Pd-ACS1,AJ890088; Pd-ETR1 and Pd-ERS1, AJ890092, AJ890091; and Pd-CTR1, AJ890089) encoding an ACC-synthase, two putative ethylene (ET) receptors, and a putative(More)