María del Carmen Pérez

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This paper presents three novel methods to efficiently generate and correlate sequence pairs with three zero correlation zones in the sum of their aperiodic correlation functions. These sequences have achieved great importance in communications systems when the maximum transmission delay is less than the length of these zones, because the multiple access(More)
State and function of breast depend on an endocrinological balance, the upsetting of which can be a factor favorable to the development of cancer. Enkephalins (ENK) have been considered as a particular form of adaptation to defense to the organism against neoplastic processes. However, ENK may modify the endocrine functions of glands such as the ovary or(More)
Smartphone capabilities can significantly enhance mobile and context-aware applications that depend on location information. Whereas outdoor Location Based Services (LBS) are highly developed thanks to GPS, indoor LBS still demand a positioning technology that provides accurate location data. In this paper, an ultrasonic signal acquisition module for(More)
Some sensor systems are characterized by multiple simultaneous aperiodic emissions, with low signal-to-noise ratio and asynchronous detection. In these systems, complementary sets of sequences can be used to encode emissions, due to their suitable auto-correlation and cross-correlation properties. The transmission of a complementary set can be accomplished(More)
An advanced adaptive sonar module is described, capable of being configured to different circumstances and distances according to reflectors found in the environment. Thanks to the sensory distribution, it is possible to identify three basic types of reflector (planes, edges and corners). Furthermore, a heuristic map of the environment is built. The(More)
The current stage of railway transportation systems must deal with increased safety and reliability issues. A key point is improving occupancy track circuit performance and providing them with redundancy, higher noise immunity, and the capability to acquire additional information about the track section involved. This work proposes a novel track circuit(More)