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The third eyelid is an important adnexa of the eye. The objective of this study was to evaluate (i) morphological aspects (ii) vascularization, and (iii) the immunophenotype of lymphocyte subsets in(More)
At present, a major challenge in the initial diagnosis of leukemia of large granular lymphocytes (LGLs) is to establish the clonal nature of the expanded population. In the present study we have(More)
Human peripheral blood (PB) CD14(lo)/HLA-DR(+) cells were initially described as a subset of mature monocytes. Recently, it has been suggested that these represent a part of a new subset of dendritic(More)
PURPOSE Recurrence is the major factor influencing the clinical outcome of meningioma patients although the exact relationship between primary and recurrent tumors still needs to be clarified. The(More)