María del Cármen Fernández

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OBJECTIVE We developed and tested the psychometric properties of Spanish versions of the Trait and State Food Cravings Questionnaires (FCQ-T and FCQ-S respectively). METHOD The instruments were translated and adapted to Spanish and administered to undergraduate students from a Southern university in Spain (N = 271). The data were analyzed using(More)
BACKGROUND Carotenoids in serum vary between countries and within populations with evidence suggesting a qualitative relationship to diet. Breast milk carotenoids furnish a source of vitamin A and potentially provide immunoprotection and other health benefits for infants. There have been numerous studies of milk carotenoid concentrations in undernourished(More)
The toxicokinetics of deltamethrin and its metabolite 4'-HO-deltamethrin after single doses of 26 mg of deltamethrin/kg (oral) or 1.2 mg of deltamethrin/kg (intravenous) were studied in male Wistar rats. Serial blood samples were obtained after oral and intravenous administration. Brain, vas deferens, and anococcygeus tissue samples were also obtained after(More)
The pharmacokinetic properties of enrofloxacin were determined in broiler chickens after single IV and orally administered doses of 10 mg/kg of body weight. After IV and oral administrations, the plasma concentration-time graph was characteristic of a two-compartment open model. The elimination half-life and the mean +/- SEM residence time of enrofloxacin(More)
OBJECTIVE We examined the potential for ethnicity to moderate the relationships between awareness and internalization of sociocultural ideals of appearance and between internalization and body dissatisfaction. METHOD Spanish (n = 100), Mexican American (n = 100), and European American (n = 100) female participants completed measures of sociocultural(More)
English and Spanish versions of the FCQ-T [Cepeda-Benito, A., Gleaves, D. H., Williams, T. L., & Erath, S. A. (2000). The development and validation of the state and trait food-cravings questionnaires. Behavior Therapy, 31, 151-173] were adapted to create the food chocolate-craving questionnaire trait (FCCQ-T). Female college students from England (N=293),(More)
Doxycycline was given to two groups of eight chickens at a dose of 20 mg/kg of body weight, intravenously (i.v.) or orally. Plasma concentration was monitored serially for 12 h after each administration. Another group of 30 chickens was given 20 mg/kg orally every 24 h for 4 days, and plasma and tissue concentrations determined serially after the last(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to decide whether bicuspid aortic valves (BAVs) with fused right and noncoronary leaflets (R-N) and BAVs with fused right and left leaflets (R-L) have different etiologies or are the product of a single diathesis. BACKGROUND The BAV is the most common congenital cardiac malformation. The R-N and R-L BAVs are the most(More)
The distribution of Ole e I (the major olive pollen allergen) and its transcripts was investigated in the anther from premeiotic stages until the dehiscent pollen stage. Crude protein extracts were analyzed by immunoblotting and probed with a monoclonal antibody to Ole e I. The protein, with three variants, was found to accumulate from the early microspore(More)
BACKGROUND Congenital bicuspid and quadricuspid pulmonary valves have received little attention because of their limited clinical relevance. However, knowledge of the mechanisms by which these anomalous valves develop is essential to obtain a more accurate survey of the etiological factors implicated in the malformations of the cardiac outflow tract in(More)