María de los Ángeles Lazo

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BACKGROUND Symptoms of sleep apnea are markedly increased in children exposed to smoke from biomass fuels and are reduced by kitchen stoves that improve indoor biomass pollution. However, the impact of adherence to the use of improved stoves has not been critically examined. METHODS Sleep-related symptom questionnaires were obtained from children <15(More)
Turner syndrome or the gonadal dysgenesis syndrome which is monosomic because of the lack of an X chromosome (45 X) is associated to a greater incidence of autoimmune, particularly thyroidal, disorders and inflammatory intestinal disease, but is rarely associated to hepatic disorders. A female patient with chronic asymptomatic intrahepatic cholestasis(More)
To assess the efficacy of injection therapy with alcohol on prevent rebleeding and emergency surgery in patients with gastroduodenal ulcers and nonbleeding visible vessels, we have performed a prospective controlled trial involving 39 patients who were classified into two groups according to the time of the day on which emergency endoscopy was performed:(More)
Liver injury induced by benzodiazepines is rare and is classified as an unpredictable or idiosyncratic hepatotoxic reaction. Early reports indicated that in most cases the pattern of liver injury was cholestatic. We describe three patients with persistent increases in liver transaminase levels after several weeks of treatment with bentazepam, a(More)
We performed a cross sectional study in Lari (3600 m), a highland rural community from Arequipa, Peru. We evaluated a body mass index (BMI), glycemia and lipid profile in 74 over 18 year persons. The mean age was 51.7 ± 18.0 years, 62.2% were women, mean of BMI was 25.6 ± 3.7. Prevalence of hypercholesterolemia was 40.6%, "low HDL" in 77% of the population(More)
Congenital anomalies of the stomach and duodenum are rare. They include atresia, webs, duplication cysts, and diverticula (1). These lesions may appear during the neonatal period or later in life depending on the degree of gastric outlet obstruction, and often present a diagnostic as well as a therapeutic challenge to the surgeon. Because these lesions(More)
In Latin America, there is almost nonexistense information about the prognosis of patients with stroke. We tried to find one- year vital and functional prognosis from patients with "first-ever stroke". We did a prospective cohort study, recruiting patients in the medicine service of a public hospital, and follow them up to one year after their first-ever(More)
AIM We aimed to estimate the morbidity rate and associated factors for diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) in a low-middle income country setting. METHODS Cross-sectional study, data was gathered at Peru's Ministry of Health national specialized hospital for endocrinological conditions through standardized interviews, anthropometric measurements and(More)
The influence of size (as biomass), morphology and depth on reproductive patterns was examined in populations ofChondrus crispus in the sublittoral zone of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Fronds of ≥ 10 mg wet wt were considered, and a minimum biomass could not be related to reproduction. However, as frond biomass increased, the frequency of reproductive(More)
In the present publication we discuss nephrotoxicity (NT) incidence by reviewing all the clinical histories of one year (May 1989-May 1990) with diagnosis of obstructive jaundice or cholangitis. Of a total of 90 patients. 53 were treated with aminoglycosides and 37 received other antibiotics. Nephrotoxicity developed in nine patients of the group that(More)