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Tolerance of olive (Olea europaea) cv Frantoio to Verticillium dahliae relies on both basal and pathogen-induced differential transcriptomic responses.
Verticillium wilt of olive (VWO) is one of the most serious biotic constraints for this tree crop. Our knowledge of the genetics of the tolerance/resistance to this disease is very limited. Here weExpand
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Early and delayed long-term transcriptional changes and short-term transient responses during cold acclimation in olive leaves
Low temperature severely affects plant growth and development. To overcome this constraint, several plant species from regions having a cool season have evolved an adaptive response, called coldExpand
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Transcriptomic Analysis of Olea europaea L. Roots during the Verticillium dahliae Early Infection Process
A transcriptomic RNA‐seq analysis was conducted to study the olive–V. dahliae interaction. The transcriptomes of olive roots and V. dahliae were compiled at an early stage of infection. A number ofExpand
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The Transcriptome of Verticillium dahliae Responds Differentially Depending on the Disease Susceptibility Level of the Olive (Olea europaea L.) Cultivar
Among biotic constraints affecting olive trees cultivation worldwide, the soil-borne fungus Verticillium dahliae is considered one of the most serious threats. Olive cultivars display differentialExpand
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Transposon activation is a major driver in the genome evolution of cultivated olive trees (Olea europaea L.)
The primary domestication of olive (Olea europaea L.) in the Levant dates back to the Neolithic period, around 6,000–5,500 BC, as some archeological remains attest. Cultivated olive trees areExpand
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Gene Expression Pattern in Olive Tree Organs (Olea europaea L.)
The olive tree (Olea europaea L.) was one of the first plant species in history to be domesticated. Throughout olive domestication, gene expression has undergone drastic changes that may affectExpand
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Transcriptomic Analysis of L. Roots during the Early Infection Process.
Olive cultivation is affected by a wide range of biotic constraints. Verticillium wilt of olive is one of the most devastating diseases affecting this woody crop, inflicting major economic losses inExpand
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