María de Medina-Redondo

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In each cell division, the newly duplicated chromosomes must be evenly distributed between the sister cells. Errors in this process during meiosis or mitosis are equally fatal: improper segregation of the chromosome 21 during human meiosis leads to Down syndrome (Conley, Aneuploidy: etiology and mechanisms, pp 35-89, 1985), whereas in somatic cells,(More)
Recent discoveries have highlighted the importance of Haspin kinase activity for the correct positioning of the kinase Aurora B at the centromere. Haspin phosphorylates Thr(3) of the histone H3 (H3), which provides a signal for Aurora B to localize to the centromere of mitotic chromosomes. To date, histone H3 is the only confirmed Haspin substrate. We used(More)
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