María Victoria Campanella

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Donor-derived infections due to multidrug-resistant bacteria are a growing problem in solid organ transplantation, and optimal management options are not clear. In a 2-year period, 30/214 (14%) recipients received an organ from 18/170 (10.5%) deceased donors with infection or colonization caused by a carbapenem-resistant gram-negative bacteria that was(More)
Studying plant responses to environmental variables is an elemental key to understand the functioning of arid ecosystems. We selected four dominant species of the two main life forms. The species selected were two evergreen shrubs: Larrea divaricata and Chuquiraga avellanedae and two perennial grasses: Nassella tenuis and Pappostipa speciosa. We registered(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate the variation in leaf litterfall patterns of desert plant species in relation to the intra- and interannual variation of precipitation. We collected the leaf litterfall of 12 representative species of the dominant life forms in the arid Patagonian Monte (evergreen shrubs, deciduous shrubs, and perennial(More)
BACKGROUND Reporting all adverse events (AEs) and serious adverse events (SAEs) in substance use disorder (SUD) clinical trials has yielded limited relevant safety information and has been burdensome to research sites. OBJECTIVE This article describes a new strategy utilizing standard data elements for AE and SAEs that defines a threshold to reduce(More)
Patagonian rangelands have been grazed by sheep since early twentieth century. However, there is still a degree of uncertainty regarding how production of grass and shrub species changes along a grazing gradient. The study was undertaken in Northeastern Patagonia, Argentina. The characteristic vegetation in the area is a mosaic of herbaceous steppe with(More)
Plant water stress can affect selectivity by insect herbivores. Numerous studies have shown greater insect preference for water-stressed plants, but others have reported the opposite response. We evaluated leaf consumption by adults of Nyctelia circumundata (a chewing insect) in leaves of Larrea divaricata and Prosopis alpataco. Three bioassays (two-way(More)
The hospital-centered trend that has dominated medical culture and the management of health care during this entire century has, in the last few years, undergone a reversal in Italy. Conditions in other countries suggest that similar changes have or will become increasingly common. The family physician today manages many of the functions previously handled(More)
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