María Teresa Pisabarro

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Although the interaction between interleukin-8 (IL-8) and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) is crucial for the mediation of inflammatory effects, little is known about the site specificity of this interaction. Therefore, we studied complexes of IL-8 and heparin (HEP) as well as other GAGs in a multidisciplinary approach, involving site-directed mutagenesis, mass(More)
Current drugs against HIV can suppress the progression to AIDS but cannot clear the patient from the virus. Because of potential side effects of these drugs and the possible development of drug resistance, finding a cure for HIV infection remains a high priority of HIV/AIDS research. We recently generated a recombinase (termed Tre) tailored to efficiently(More)
The alpha-helical coiled coil is a valuable folding motif for protein design and engineering. By means of phage display technology, we selected a capable binding partner for one strand of a coiled coil bearing a charged amino acid in a central hydrophobic core position. This procedure resulted in a novel coiled coil pair featuring an opposed Glu-Lys pair(More)
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