María-Teresa Pérez

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The aim of this study was to assess the results of fistulotomy with sphincter reconstruction in the management of recurrent complex fistula-in-ano in terms of recurrence and continence. Prospective study of 16 patients undergoing fistulotomy with sphincter reconstruction for recurrent complex fistula-in-ano was done. Preoperative and postoperative(More)
We describe a patient with multifocal choroidal lesions affecting the midperipheral fundus, with an atrophic and scattered punched-out pale aspect. Lesions were discovered seven months after an ipsilateral herpes zoster ophthalmicus. Fluorescein angiography findings exhibited a delay of choroidal injection and late moderate staining during the venous phase.(More)
  • M Perez
  • Journal français d'ophtalmologie
  • 2012
Precise evaluation of preoperative astigmatism is the first step optimizing outcomes. This begins with office-based evaluation of astigmatism; corneal astigmatism is evaluated by keratometry, traditionally by Javal keratometry, but now including topography, whether Placido- or elevation-based, which allows for detailed analysis of even irregular(More)
This paper analyses the contribution of various numerical approaches in making the estimation of threshold autoregressive time series more efficient. It relies on the computational advantages of QR factorizations and proposes Givens transformations to update these factors for sequential LS problems. By showing that the residual sum of squares is a(More)
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