María Teresa Bartolomé-Albistegui

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OBJECTIVE To provide a review of empirical evidence of decreased pain perception in hypertensive persons or exaggerated cardiovascular reactivity to stress. DEVELOPMENT To following article will briefly review the existing literature on the association between hypoalgesia and high blood pressure. In particular, evidence of hypoalgesia in normotensive(More)
INTRODUCTION Oral language disorders constitute a group of syndromes with a high prevalence among the childhood population. They form a heterogeneous group that ranges from simple problems in articulating a phoneme (dyslalias) to severe disorders affecting communication, such as children's dysarthrias and aphasias. In this paper our objective is to review(More)
This paper examines the association of cardiovascular reactivity with thermal thresholds (detection and unpleasantness). Heart period (HP), systolic (SBP) and diastolic (DBP) blood pressure of 42 health young males were recorded during a cardiovascular reactivity task (a videogame based upon Sidman's avoidance paradigm). Thermal sensitivity, assessing(More)
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