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The interaction of Escherichia coli agmatinase (EC with the substrate guanidinium group was investigated by kinetic and site-directed mutagenesis studies. Putrescine and guanidinium ions(More)
To examine the interaction of human arginase II (EC with substrate and manganese ions, the His120Asn, His145Asn and Asn149Asp mutations were introduced separately. About 53% and 95% of(More)
Diethyl pyrocarbonate (DEPC) caused a loss in the ability of inactive subunits of wild-type and H141F mutant human liver arginase (EC to be reactivated by Mn(2+). The effect was reversed by(More)
A rat brain cDNA encoding for a novel protein with agmatinase activity was cloned and functionally expressed. The protein was expressed as a histidine-tagged fusion product with a molecular weight of(More)
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