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The African swine fever virus (ASFV) gene E165R, which is homologous to dUTPases, has been characterized. A multiple alignment of dUTPases showed the conservation in ASFV dUTPase of the motifs that define this protein family. A biochemical analysis of the purified recombinant enzyme showed that the virus dUTPase is a trimeric, highly specific enzyme that(More)
We report the identification and functional characterization of ariadne-1 (ari-1), a novel and vital Drosophila gene required for the correct differentiation of most cell types in the adult organism. Also, we identify a sequence-related gene, ari-2, and the corresponding mouse and human homologues of both genes. All these sequences define a new protein(More)
African swine fever virus (ASFV) encodes a novel DNA polymerase, constituted of only 174 amino acids, belonging to the polymerase (pol) X family of DNA polymerases. Biochemical analyses of the purified enzyme indicate that ASFV pol X is a monomeric DNA-directed DNA polymerase, highly distributive, lacking a proofreading 3'-5'-exonuclease, and with a poor(More)
Chromobacterium violaceum sepsis is rare but associated with a high mortality rate. We report a fatal case of C. violaceum sepsis in a 6 years old Venezuelan indian boy. Clinical manifestations were fever and swelling in the right inguinal region. The initial diagnosis was an appendicular plastron. Appendicectomy was performed and during surgery a right(More)
M ás de 50% de los pacientes con enfer-medad renal crónica (ERC) terminal tratados con hemodiálisis (HD) crónica mueren de enfermedades cardiovascu-lares 1. Un grupo de alteraciones presentes en los pacientes con ERC terminal, son las alteraciones musculares, siendo éstas los factores limitantes más importantes de su capacidad funcional 2. El estilo de vida(More)
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