María Soledad García

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A sensitive and fast flow-injection spectrophotometric method for the determination of ofloxacin is proposed. The method is based on the formation of a yellow complex between ofloxacin and Fe (III), in sulphuric medium. The influence of FI and chemical variables were studied. The calibration graph resulting from measuring the absorbance at 420 nm is linear(More)
Kinetic methods are proposed for the determination of carbimazole(CBZ), methimazole(MMI) and propylthiouracil(PTU) based on their inhibitory effects on the palladium(II)-catalysed reaction between the pyronine G and hypophosphite ions. The reactions are monitored spectrophotometrically at 548 nm. The influence of reaction variables and the interfering(More)
Two acyclic isophthalamide-based hosts have been synthesised and their anion binding properties have been evaluated by (1)H-NMR titrations. Different binding modes have been detected for the series of tested anions. The attachment of aminomethylpyrrole groups resulted in an improved binding selectivity. Additionally, the receptors have been incorporated as(More)
Two reverse flow injection (FI) methods, using spectrophotometric detection, are proposed for the determination of ascorbic acid. Both methods are based on its reaction with the ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid-CoIII complex in a medium of 5% diethylamine. In the first method, using the peak-height FI technique, ascorbic acid is determined over the range(More)
A kinetic method for the determination of Te based on its inhibitory effect on the PdII-catalysed reaction between pyronine G and H2PO2- is described. The influence of experimental variables on the rate of the process and the potential interfering effect of a large number of ions has been studied. Under the selected experimental conditions: 6 x 10(-5) M(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the use of traditional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (tNSAIDs) in the management of osteoarthritis (OA) in primary care in Spain and to quantify patient and physician satisfaction with tNSAID therapy. METHODS A 6-month retrospective, observational study conducted in 29 Spanish primary-care centres shortly before the first(More)
A new carbazolo[1,2-a]carbazole derivative was synthesized by expanding the binding cavity to explore the possibility of hosting larger anions such as dicarboxylate anions. The compound was incorporated as an ionophore into a membrane for an anion-selective electrode. The response of the electrode was evaluated for oxalate, malonate, succinate, glutarate(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare patient and physician attitudes to osteoarthritis (OA) treatment with rofecoxib or traditional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (tNSAIDs). METHODS A 6-month prospective study involving 562 OA patients enrolled at 29 Spanish primary-care centres. Patients were continued on established tNSAID therapy for the first 3 months then(More)
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