María Soledad Fernández-García

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Mitochondria are dynamic subcellular organelles that convert nutrient intermediates into readily available energy equivalents. Optimal mitochondrial function is ensured by a highly evolved quality control system, coordinated by protein machinery that regulates a process of continual fusion and fission. In this work, we provide in vivo evidence that the(More)
We generated mice deficient in Lon protease (LONP1), a major enzyme of the mitochondrial quality control machinery. Homozygous deletion of Lonp1 causes early embryonic lethality, whereas its haploinsufficiency protects against colorectal and skin tumors. Furthermore, LONP1 knockdown inhibits cellular proliferation and tumor and metastasis formation, whereas(More)
Human MMP-1 is a matrix metalloproteinase repeatedly associated with many pathological conditions, including cancer. Thus, MMP1 overexpression is a poor prognosis marker in a variety of advanced cancers, including colorectal, breast, and lung carcinomas. Moreover, MMP-1 plays a key role in the metastatic behavior of melanoma, breast, and prostate cancer(More)
The identification of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) susceptibility genes by genome-wide association has linked this pathology to autophagy, a lysosomal degradation pathway that is crucial for cell and tissue homeostasis. Here, we describe autophagy-related 4B, cysteine peptidase/autophagin-1 (ATG4B) as an essential protein in the control of inflammatory(More)
High-pressure ventilation triggers different inflammatory and matrix remodeling responses within the lung. Although some of them may cause injury, the involvement of these mediators in repair is largely unknown. To identify mechanisms of repair after ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI), mice were randomly assigned to baseline conditions (no ventilation),(More)
Matrix metalloproteinase-8, released mainly from neutrophils, is a critical regulator of the inflammatory response by its ability to cleave multiple mediators. Herein, we report the results of a model of endotoxemia after intraperitoneal LPS injection in mice lacking MMP-8 and their wildtype counterparts. Control, saline-treated animals showed no(More)
MT1-MMP (MMP14) is a collagenolytic enzyme located at the cell surface and implicated in extracellular matrix (ECM) remodeling. Mmp14(-/-) mice present dwarfism, bone abnormalities, and premature death. We demonstrate herein that the loss of MT1-MMP also causes cardiac defects and severe metabolic changes, and alters the cytoskeleton and the nuclear lamina(More)
Defining the relationship between ageing and cancer is a crucial but challenging task. Mice deficient in Zmpste24, a metalloproteinase mutated in human progeria and involved in nuclear prelamin A maturation, recapitulate multiple features of ageing. However, their short lifespan and serious cell-intrinsic and cell-extrinsic alterations restrict the(More)
Kaposi's sarcoma is a vascular tumor caused by human herpesvirus-8 infection. Iatrogenic Kaposi's sarcoma often occurs in patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy. To date, a few cases of colonic Kaposi's sarcoma have been reported in ulcerative colitis patients treated with immunomodulators. We describe a 65-year-old male diagnosed with left-sided(More)
A 65 year-old female with a history of sarcoidosis with pulmonary and joint involvement, who after 5 years of diagnosis begins with central nervous system involvement manifesting as diplopia. She presents normal analysis results. In imaging results, a mass is identified in the right intraconal space; it depends of right optic nerve, and shows multiple lymph(More)