María S. Millán

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PURPOSE To determine the energy distribution between the distance and near images formed in a model eye by spherical and aspheric apodized diffractive multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs). METHODS The IOL was inserted in a model eye with an artificial cornea with positive spherical aberration (SA) similar to that of the human cornea. The energy of the(More)
PURPOSE To compare, as a function of pupil size, the through-focus performance and halo features of four diffractive intraocular lenses (IOLs). METHODS Three diffractive bifocal IOLs (ReSTOR +2.5 D SV25T0, Tecnis +2.75 D ZKB00, and AT LISA +3.75 D 809M) and a diffractive trifocal IOL (AT LISA tri +3.33 D, +1.66 D 839MP) were tested in vitro in a modified(More)
Retinal images are essential clinical resources for the diagnosis of retinopathy and many other ocular diseases. Because of improper acquisition conditions or inherent optical aberrations in the eye, the images are often degraded with blur. In many common cases, the blur varies across the field of view. Most image deblurring algorithms assume a(More)
This paper presents a comparative study on the use of no-reference quality metrics for eye fundus imaging. We center on auto-focusing and quality assessment as key applications for the correct operation of a fundus imaging system. Four state-of-the-art no-reference metrics were selected for the study. From these, a metric based of Rényi anisotropy yielded(More)
Retinal images are widely used for diagnostic purposes by ophthalmolo-gists. Therefore, these images are suitable for digital image analysis for their visual enhancement and pathological risk or damage detection. Here, we implement a lu-minosity and contrast enhancement technique based on domain knowledge. We also review and analyze a previous approach in(More)
PURPOSE The study evaluated-theoretically and experimentally-the longitudinal chromatic aberration (LCA) and through-focus energy efficiency (TF-EE) of diffractive-refractive bifocal intraocular lenses (2f-IOLs). METHODS Four aspheric 2f-IOLs (Tecnis +4.00 diopter [D] ZMA00, +2.75 D ZKB00, and AcrySof +4.0 D SN6AD3, +2.5 D SV25T0) of same base power 30 D,(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to compare the optical performance of diffractive multifocal intraocular lenses (DMIOLs) with visible (VIS) illumination with that of near infrared (NIR) illumination, the latter being used to test pseudophakic eyes in clinical aberrometers and double-pass systems. METHODS Two DMIOLs of different design (Tecnis +2.75(More)
The ISNT rule and differentiation of normal from glaucomatous eyes " , Arch. A contribution of image processing to the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy – detection of exudates in color fundus images of the human retina " , IEEE T. Med. Cup-to-disc ratio of the optic disc by image analysis to assist diagnosis of glaucoma risk and evolution, " in ABSTRACT:(More)