María Sánchez-García

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SUMMARY A collection of 26 wheat genotypes widely grown in Spain during the 20th century was evaluated in eight contrasting environments in order to quantify breeding achievements in yield and associated traits. From 1930 to 2000, yield increased at a rate of 35·1 kg/ha/yr or 0·88%/yr, but estimations of relative genetic gain (RGG) were(More)
In spite of the numerous studies reporting a decrease in soil nitrous oxide (N 2 O) emissions after biochar amendment, there is still a lack of understanding of the processes involved. Hence the subject remains controversial, with a number of studies showing no changes or even an increase in N 2 O emissions after biochar soil application. Unraveling the(More)
The main goal of this study was to investigate the genetic basis of yield and grain quality traits in winter wheat genotypes using association mapping approach, and identify linked molecular markers for marker assisted selection. A total of 120 elite facultative/winter wheat genotypes were evaluated for yield, quality and other agronomic traits under(More)
Despite the high interest in biochar as soil amendment, the number of field studies is still limited, being experiments with perennial crops in arid lands particularly lacking. This study evaluated the application of compost and biochar in a drip-irrigated organic olive crop in a calcareous soil in South-East Spain. During two consecutive years, changes in(More)
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