María Rodríguez Martínez

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Biological signaling systems produce an output, such as the level of a phosphorylated protein, in response to defined input signals. The output level as a function of the input level is called the system's input-output relation. One may ask whether this input-output relation is sensitive to changes in the concentrations of the system's components, such as(More)
We introduce an approach for the quantitative assessment of the connectivity in neuronal cultures, based on the statistical mechanics of percolation on a graph. This allows us to monitor the development of the culture and to see the emergence of connectivity in the network. The culture becomes fully connected at a time equivalent to the expected time of(More)
Callosal connections were studied with tracers (horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and wheat germ agglutinin-horseradish peroxidase (WGA-HRP)) in normal rats and rats deprived of thyroid hormones with methimazole (Sigma) since embryonic day 14 and thyroidectomized at postnatal day 6. In hypothyroid rats, the auditory areas, in particular the primary auditory(More)
Single-cell experiments of simple regulatory networks can markedly differ from cell population experiments. Such differences arise from stochastic events in individual cells that are averaged out in cell populations. For instance, while individual cells may show sustained oscillations in the concentrations of some proteins, such oscillations may appear(More)
Mature B-cell exit from germinal centers is controlled by a transcriptional regulatory module that integrates antigen and T-cell signals and, ultimately, leads to terminal differentiation into memory B cells or plasma cells. Despite a compact structure, the module dynamics are highly complex because of the presence of several feedback loops and(More)
Río Celeste (Sky-Blue River) in Tenorio National Park (Costa Rica), a river that derives from the confluence and mixing of two colorless streams--Río Buenavista (Buenavista River) and Quebrada Agria (Sour Creek)--is renowned in Costa Rica because it presents an atypical intense sky-blue color. Although various explanations have been proposed for this(More)
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