María Purificación Fuentes

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The aim of this work was to establish the possible involvement of mitochondria in the apoptotic event triggered by nitric oxide (NO) in chromaffin cells. Using bovine chromaffin cells in primary culture and several NO donors (SNP, SNAP, and GSNO) at apoptotic concentrations (50 microM-1 mM), we have shown that NO induces a time-dependent decrease in the(More)
Tumors grown in diethylstilbestrol diphosphate (DES)-treated rats grew significantly more slowly than tumors grown in orchiectomized animals, and tumors grown in orchiectomized animals grew significantly more slowly than tumors grown in controls (intact male rats). When these tumors (phase I) were dispersed and reimplanted into DES-treated, orchiectomized,(More)
The synthetic gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist [D-leu6, desgly-NH2(10), proethylamide9]-GnRH (leuprolide) was tested for its ability to inhibit androgen-sensitive R3327-G rat prostatic tumor growth in Copenhagen X Fischer F1 male rats. The chronic administration of leuprolide at 50 micrograms per kg. body weight or 1000 micrograms per kg. body weight(More)
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