María-Pilar Sáenz-Navajas

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The correlation of nonvolatile composition in wines with quality perception is a critical subject in current enological research, and it is far from being clear. Thus, the present work aims at (1)(More)
Five Tempranillo wines exhibiting marked differences in taste and/or astringency were selected for the study. In each wine the non-volatile extract was obtained by freeze-drying and further liquid(More)
This work explores to what extent the aroma or the non-volatile fractions of red wines are responsible for the overall flavor differences perceived in-mouth. For this purpose, 14 samples (4(More)
The present work seeks to define the "green character" of red wines and characterise the groups of molecules potentially involved in that perception. Fifty-four wines were screened by wine experts(More)
a Laboratorio de Análisis del Aroma y Enología (LAAE), Department of Analytical Chemistry, Universidad de Zaragoza (UZ), Instituto Agroalimentario de Aragón (IA2) (UNIZAR-CITA), Associate unit to(More)