María P. Trujillo

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Separation of touching char particles is required for measuring morphological characteristics. In this paper, a segmentation approach for touching char particles is presented. The proposed approach is fourfold. Firstly, contours are extracted. Secondly, concave points are identified by the means of measuring concavity using gradient directions at contour(More)
We propose a novel classification framework called the video-specific SVM (V-SVM) for normal-vs-abnormal white-light colonoscopy image classification. V-SVM is an ensemble of linear SVMs, with each trained to separate the abnormal images in a particular video from all the normal images in all the videos. Since V-SVM is designed to capture lesion-specific(More)
—Char classification pr ocess is based on morphological char acter istics, such as: numb er of por es, distr ibution of por es and wall thickness. Ap proximately, five hundred images have to be analysed in order to classify a char sample. Frequently, these images have h igh spatial r esolution, 1300 x 1030 píxels, and intensity levels ar e represented using(More)
Video games may be a convenient methodology for conveying English vocabulary in context to the players, since they are story driven and can absorbs players' attention, increasing their motivation and engagement within a learning process. However, most of current vocabulary games are like digital versions of textbooks vocabulary exercises and do not meet(More)