María P. Pata

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Philasterides dicentrarchi is a histophagous scuticociliate that causes important losses in aquaculture. Several strains that differ in morphological, genetic and serological characteristics and virulence have been isolated from outbreaks of turbot scuticociliatosis. In the present study, seven isolates of the ciliate were exposed in vitro to formalin,(More)
How reliable are results on spatial distribution of biodiversity based on databases? Many studies have evidenced the uncertainty related to this kind of analysis due to sampling effort bias and the need for its quantification. Despite that a number of methods are available for that, little is known about their statistical limitations and discrimination(More)
Biolog EcoPlates™ can be used to measure the carbon substrate utilisation patterns of microbial communities. This method results in a community-level physiological profile (CLPP), which yields a very large amount of data that may be difficult to interpret. In this work, we explore a combination of statistical techniques (particularly the use of generalised(More)
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