María Marta Richards

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Several linkage studies have hinted at the existence of an obesity predisposition locus on chromosome 20, but none of these studies has produced conclusive results. Therefore, we analyzed 48 genetic markers on chromosome 20 for linkage to severe obesity (BMI≥35) in 103 extended Utah pedigrees (1,711 individuals), all of which had strong aggregation of(More)
OBJECTIVE Analyze functional status and emotional well-being, energy and nutrient intake, and physical activity in sibling pairs raised together in the same family. DESIGN One sibling classified as severely obese (body mass index > or = 35) and the other sibling as normal weight (body mass index < or = 27). SUBJECTS From January 1994 through December(More)
Executive Functions (EF) exercise control over an individual's conduct and thinking through a set of functionally independent processes, among which are cognitive flexibility (reactive and spontaneous), working memory and planning. The development patterns of these components appear to have stages of acceleration and deceleration during childhood. Studies(More)
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