María Marta Gutiérrez

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The reactions of hydroxylamine (HA) with several water-soluble iron(III) porphyrinate compounds, namely iron(III) meso-tetrakis-(N-ethylpyridinium-2yl)-porphyrinate ([Fe(III)(TEPyP)](5+)), iron(III) meso-tetrakis-(4-sulphonatophenyl)-porphyrinate ([Fe(III)(TPPS)](3-)), and microperoxidase 11 ([Fe(III)(MP11)]) were studied for different [Fe(III)(Porph)]/[HA](More)
The kinetics of the reaction between aqueous solutions of Na2[Fe(CN)5NO].2H2O (sodium pentacyanonitrosylferrate(II), nitroprusside, SNP) and MeN(H)OH (N-methylhydroxylamine, MeHA) has been studied by means of UV-vis spectroscopy, using complementary solution techniques: FTIR/ATR, EPR, mass spectrometry and isotopic labeling (15NO), in the pH range 7.1-9.3,(More)
The electrophilic reactivity of the pentacyanonitrosylferrate(II) ion, [Fe(CN)(5)NO](2)(-), toward hydrazine (Hz) and substituted hydrazines (MeHz, 1,1-Me(2)Hz, and 1,2-Me(2)Hz) has been studied by means of stoichiometric and kinetic experiments (pH 6-10). The reaction of Hz led to N(2)O and NH(3), with similar paths for MeHz and 1,1-Me(2)Hz, which form the(More)
The substituted hydroxylamines, CH(3)N(H)OH (N-methylhydroxylamine) and (CH(3))(2)NOH (N,N-dimethylhydroxylamine), disproportionate catalytically to the corresponding alkylamines and oxidation products, only in the presence of [Fe(CN)(5)H(2)O](3-). Substitution kinetic measurements suggest an initial coordination step to Fe(ii). Two parallel N- and(More)
The aquapentacyanoferrate(II) ion, [Fe(II)(CN)(5)H(2)O](3-), catalyzes the disproportionation reaction of O-methylhydroxylamine, NH(2)OCH(3), with stoichiometry 3NH(2)OCH(3) → NH(3) + N(2) + 3CH(3)OH. Kinetic and spectroscopic evidence support an initial N coordination of NH(2)OCH(3) to [Fe(II)(CN)(5)H(2)O](3-) followed by a homolytic scission leading to(More)
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