María Martínez Rodríguez

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The Commission for Environmental Cooperation's (CEC) second North American Symposium on Assessing the Environmental Effects of Trade web gateway page contains agendas to associated meetings, all related papers presented prior to the Symposium as well as a series of other related documents. The symposium was held on 25–26 March 2003. It was a week of(More)
Premature closure or restriction of foramen ovale (PCFO) is a rare congenital anomaly that can lead to a wide spectrum of cardiac malformations. This spectrum of secondary malformations appears to depend on the gestational timing of closure of the foramen ovale and to the degree of restriction. Earlier in the gestation, closure of the foramen has been(More)
audal regression syndrome (CRS) represents a continuum of congenital anomalies that may include incomplete development of the sacrum and, to a lesser extent, the lumbar vertebrae, disruption of the distal spinal cord, and extreme lack of growth of the caudal region. 1 First-trimester prenatal diagnosis of CRS is challenging because of incomplete(More)
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