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Residue levels and degradation rates of five benzoylphenylurea insecticides were studied in zucchinis and peppers grown in experimental greenhouses in Almería (Spain). Benzoylphenylurea residues were(More)
This work describes the optimization of a photochemically induced method for the detection of eight phenylureas has been developed by response surface methodology (RSM). These pesticides do not show(More)
A photochemically induced fluorescence post-column method, with HPLC separation and fluorescence detection, was developed for the determination of five naturally non-fluorescent benzoylurea(More)
A method based on liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy with electrospray ionization in positive mode (LC/ESI-MS) to determine trace levels of pyrethroids in environmental water samples has been(More)
A comparative study of two mathematical approaches was performed in order to correct systematic errors due to the presence of the unexpected interferences which appear when the quantitation of the(More)
Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation was used to obtain fluorescent photoproducts from four non-fluorescent benzoylurea (BU) insecticides (flufenoxuron (FLF), lufenuron (LUF), hexaflumuron (HF) and(More)
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