María-Magdalena Rodríguez-Fernández

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A case of spontaneous spinal subdural hematoma is reported. Clinical signs at onset, laboratory investigations and bloody CSF at lumbar punction were suggesting of subarachnoid hemorrhage. MRI was fully diagnostic. Surgery was ruled out and spinal compression cleared spontaneously over one week. Etiological factors, possible diagnostic pittfalls and the(More)
The government of Ecuador there has managed a model of development that it values to all his cultures, his idiosyncrasy and his natural environments, beside managing, across the National System of Protected Areas (SNAP), to implement actions in benefit of the conservation of the natural resources since it has happened in the National Parks. Likewise, other(More)
Today social media has revolutionized how to do communication, organizations and tourism destinations should be aware about that and they try to manage as best as possible their presence in social networks to make profitable the benefits that it can report them. In this sense, we have tried to combine two elements, firstly the Camino de Santiago, a tourism(More)
Today the competition between destinations to attract tourists means that there is rivalry between regions because of their market differentiation. The presence of tourist resources, historical and economic, linked to the development and application of new technologies in the distribution and communication of touristic destinations, are essential to(More)
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