María Luisa Navarro-Pérez

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One of the principal techniques for evaluating the surface hydrophobicity of biological samples is contact angle. This method, applied readily to flat-smooth-inert surfaces, gives rise to an(More)
In some angiosperm groups, a parallelism between nectar traits and pollination syndromes has been demonstrated, whereas in others there is not such relationship and it has been explained as due to(More)
Both bird and mixed vertebrate-insect (MVI) pollination systems are very rare in Europe and the Mediterranean region. Because MVI can ensure reproduction over a wider range of environmental(More)
Approximately 30 % of the genera of Scrophulariaceae s.str. have a staminode, which is the remnant of a sterile stamen. However, there are no studies of the functionality or evolutionary pattern of(More)
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