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Far-red light regulates many aspects of seedling development, such as inhibition of hypocotyl elongation and the promotion of greening, acting in part through phytochrome A (phyA). The RING motif protein COP1 is also important because cop1 mutants exhibit constitutive photomorphogenesis in darkness. COP1 is present in the nucleus in darkness but is(More)
Six new Arabidopsis thaliana genes (AtRCI2C-H) have been identified that show high homology to AtRCI2A and AtRCI2B. Sequence comparisons revealed that AtRCI2-related genes are widely spread among very different organisms, including other plant species, prokaryotes, fungi, and simply organized animals, and are also organized in gene families. Most RCI2 genes(More)
The photoreceptor phytochrome (phy) A has a well-defined role in regulating gene expression in response to specific light signals. Here, we describe a new Arabidopsis mutant, laf1 (long after far-red light 1) that has an elongated hypocotyl specifically under far-red light. Gene expression studies showed that laf1 has reduced responsiveness to continuous(More)
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