María Laura Caliusco

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This paper presents an Artificial Neural Network-based (ANN) agent with capabilities for discovering distributed knowledge sources. This agent has the responsibility of guiding knowledge requirements towards distributed ontology domains in the Semantic Web, indicating i.e. potentially partners for the establishment of a dynamic collaborative relationship.(More)
With the emergence of the Semantic Web several domain ontologies were developed, which varied not only in their structure but also in the natural language used to define them. The lack of an integrated view of all web nodes and the existence of heterogeneous domain ontologies drive new challenges in the discovery of knowledge resources which are relevant to(More)
A collaborative B2B relationship implies jointly executing business processes. This relationship demands a complete access to available information and knowledge to support decision-making activities between trading partners. To support information interchange between enterprises in collaborative B2B e-commerce there are some XML-based standards(More)
Nowadays, organizational innovation constitutes the government challenges for providing better and more efficient services to citizens, enterprises or other public offices. E–government seems to be an excellent opportunity to work on this way. The applications that support front-end services delivered to users have to access information systems of multiple(More)
The wide applicability of mapping business rules expressions to ontology statements have been recently recognized. Some of the most important applications are: (1) using of on-tology reasoners to prove the consistency of business domain information, (2) generation of an ontology intended to be used in the analysis stage of a software development process,(More)