María L. García Osma

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The emergence of new services such as video streaming and IP telephony requires IP networks to provide stringent guarantees — not only in terms of traditional quality of service (QoS) metrics — but also in terms of availability (e.g., five nines for telephony) and robustness during emergency situations. From the earliest stage of IP networking, proposals(More)
In this paper we introduce the concepts of Network Planes and Parallel Internets, with the objective of designing and implementing a lightweight solution for viable end-to-end QoS provisioning. The proposed solution can be deployed with very small incremental additions to the existing best-effort Internet. Through Network Plane engineering and(More)
This paper presents a new traffic management solution suitable for "lightweight" QoS-based delivery services. The proposed mechanism not only can be deployed in an incremental fashion to the current best-effort Internet but it also interacts autonomously with existing intra-domain routing protocols to provide differentiated treatment to traffic belonging to(More)
Nowadays Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing has not only become the dominant source of traffic in the Internet but also an increasingly common way of distributing contents commercially over IP networks, revealing the need of reaching a level of understanding of the behaviour and performance of the different P2P applications similar to that already achieved for(More)
The IST project AGAVE aims to develop a simple and scalable approach for effective Quality of Service (QoS) deployment in IP networks. The key element of the AGAVE proposal is the Network Plane (NP), which must be designed to be an effective way to transport, within a given domain, traffic from services with common connectivity provisioning requirements.(More) Luigi Iannone, Bruno Quoitin, Olivier Bonaventure Abstract: This document specifies the experimentation activities to be undertaken by the AGAVE project. The tests fall into three main themes: Network Plane Engineering Experiments for testing the solutions and mechanisms specified for realising Network Planes within IP Network Provider domains;(More)
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