María José Rodriguez-Conde

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Successful knowledge management is one of the main challenges that any company or institution has to address if it wants to be part of the Knowledge Society in which we live. In the scientific scope, there is a clear commitment to the Open Knowledge, the use of Open Source technologies and the Open Access to Science, which have a directly impact in the(More)
We live in a world that is, increasingly, shaped by technology. Is globally accepted that the continuing rapid development of computer and other information technologies has transformed the environment in which young people access, create, and share information. According to this many countries have recognized the imperative of digital technologies,(More)
We are living the end of a first wave of transformation of education caused by the incorporation of ICT to educational processes. In the time of MOOCs, informal and social learning, gamification, game-based learning, etc., we are facing a second wave of transformation. This time the wave is cross-technological, and focuses on the study, understanding and(More)
With the increase of the training offered in online environments over the last decade, one of the key elements in these training events is mediation as an enabler best results approval and learning achievements. In this context the role of mediation is key, especially when there is no teacher or tutor figure that is in contact with the participants. The aim(More)
In the third edition of the "Evaluation in education and guidance" track, we move forward with the presentation of research works dealing with the topics of assessment methodology of digital skills, assessment methodology of mathematics skills, e-assessment to e-learning, evaluation of the educational system, large-scale assessments, innovation in(More)