María José Rodriguez-Conde

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The emergence of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) make new tools available for users to manage information and knowledge. These tools are used in different contexts, with varying degrees of success. One of these potential application contexts are teaching and learning processes supported by learning platforms. Learning platforms are a way(More)
Successful knowledge management is one of the main challenges that any company or institution has to address if it wants to be part of the Knowledge Society in which we live. In the scientific scope, there is a clear commitment to the Open Knowledge, the use of Open Source technologies and the Open Access to Science, which have a directly impact in the(More)
We live in a world that is, increasingly, shaped by technology. Is globally accepted that the continuing rapid development of computer and other information technologies has transformed the environment in which young people access, create, and share information. According to this many countries have recognized the imperative of digital technologies,(More)
We are living the end of a first wave of transformation of education caused by the incorporation of ICT to educational processes. In the time of MOOCs, informal and social learning, gamification, game-based learning, etc., we are facing a second wave of transformation. This time the wave is cross-technological, and focuses on the study, understanding and(More)
The integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has generated a change in teaching methodologies au university level. The objective of this study is to check the effectiveness of interactive processes in summative assessment or learning-oriented assessment contexts using electronic self-assessment processes (Java application) versus the(More)
In this paper we present the results of an innovation project (2007--13), about teaching and learning of clinical and surgical basic surgical skills in Medical School, in collaboration with the Institute of Education Sciences. We present the design and development of a training program, as well as the evolution in the process of construction and validation(More)