María-José Ramírez

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Ozone exposure has been related to adverse respiratory effects, in particular to lung function decrements. Antioxidant vitamins are free-radical scavengers and could have a protective effect against photo-oxidant exposure. To evaluate whether acute effects of ozone on lung functions could be attenuated by antioxidant vitamin supplementation, we conducted a(More)
Benzene, an important component in gasoline, is a widely distributed environmental contaminant that has been linked to known health effects in animals and humans, including leukemia. In Mexico City, environmental benzene levels, which may be elevated because of the heavy traffic and the poor emission control devices of older vehicles, may pose a health risk(More)
OBJECTIVE In the search of new human genotoxic biomarkers, the single cell gel electrophoresis assay has been proposed as a sensible alternative. MATERIAL AND METHODS This technique detects principally single strand breaks as well as alkali-labile and repair-retarded sites. RESULTS Herein we present our experience using the single cell gel(More)
INTRODUCTION Hypercortisolism in Cushing's syndrome (CS) is associated with increased morbidity and mortality. Hypercortisolism also occurs in chronic depressive disorders and stress, where telomere length (TL) is shorter than in controls. We hypothesized that shortening of telomere might occur in CS and contribute to premature aging and morbidity. AIM To(More)
The low performance of Chile in the TIMSS 1998/99 international study of mathematics and science achievement was a great disappointment for that country. To investigate the likely causes for low performance in mathematics, this study 1) compared Chile to three countries and one large school system that had similar economic conditions but superior(More)
INTRODUCTION Cushing's syndrome (CS) increases cardiovascular risk (CVR) and adipocytokine imbalance, associated with an increased inflammatory state. Telomere length (TL) shortening is a novel CVR marker, associated with inflammation biomarkers. We hypothesized that inflammatory state and higher CVR in CS might be related to TL shortening, as observed in(More)
Benzene is a widely distributed environmental contaminant that causes leukemia. It is an important component in gasoline, it is used frequently as a solvent or chemical feedstock in industry, and it is emitted as a product of incomplete combustion. In Mexico City, investigators suspect that benzene exposure might be elevated and may pose a risk to the(More)
The effect of early postnatal malnutrition on the responsiveness of the rat prefrontal cortex was studied by determining excitability thresholds and fatigability to direct cortical stimulation. Malnutrition imposed during the period of rapid brain growth caused a significant increase of cortical chronaxie values as well as increased fatigability of direct(More)
Title: Telomere length analysis in Cushing's syndrome 1 2 Authors and institutions: 3 Anna Aulinas 1* , María-José Ramírez 2 , María-José Barahona 3,4 , Elena Valassi 1,4 , Eugenia Resmini 1,4 , Eugènia 4 Mato 5 , Alicia Santos 1,4 , Iris Crespo 1,4 , Olga Bell 1,5 , Jordi Surrallés 2 , Susan M Webb 1,4 . 5 6 1. Sant Pau Biomedical Research Institute.(More)
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