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Monitoring of soil chemical properties for pollution assessment generally requires destructive soil sampling and results in spatiotemporal datasets where data from different sampling dates are non co-located. The objective of this study was to assess the spatial distribution of residual pyrite sludge at a reclaimed site, using temporally non co-located data(More)
The residual pollution after the Aznalcóllar (southwestern Spain) pyrite mine spill is still a threat due to the continuing oxidation of sulfuric minerals. The objective of this paper was to analyze the combined effect of pyrite oxidation, sugar beet foam applications, and meteorological conditions on the spatiotemporal evolution of the pH and(More)
Albedo plays an important role in snow evolution modeling quantifying the amount of solar radiation absorbed and reflected by the snowpack, especially in mid-latitude regions with semiarid conditions. Satellite remote sensing is the most extensive technique to determine the variability of snow albedo over medium to large areas; however, scale effects from(More)
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