María José Pérez-Lucena

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Introduction: Mutations in the promoter region of ferritin light gene can induce an uncontrolled over expression of this protein. Consequently, ferritin is found in serum at very high levels (~1000 ng/mL) and it accumulates in the crystalline lens, generating cataracts. This entity is known as hyperferritin and hereditary cataract syndrome (HHCS) which is(More)
The NB4 promyelocytic cell line exhibits many of the characteristics of acute promyelocytic leukemia blast cells, including the translocation (15 : 17) that fuses the PML gene on chromosome 15 to the RARα gene on chromosome 17. These cells have a very high fibrinolytic capacity. In addition to a high secretion of urokinase, NB4 cells exhibit a 10-fold(More)
BACKGROUND Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) predicts cardiovascular risk and identifies white-coat and masked hypertension, efficacy of treatment and the circadian cycle of hypertensive patients. OBJECTIVE To analyze the effectiveness of ABPM implementation thoughtout a nurse-driven training program. MATERIALS AND METHODOLOGY Twenty eight(More)
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