María José Hernández-Lloreda

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The main objective of this study was to analyze the hypothesis that patients with persecutory delusions would show a depressive-type self-concept when assessed with implicit measures of self-schema (i.e., a free recall test of self-relevant adjectives) but would show a normal self-concept when assessed with explicit measures (i.e., a self-concept(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study is to compare psychological distress (body image disturbance,self-esteem, depression, and anxiety) in women with breast or gynecological cancer treated by radical surgery. Additionally, another objective is to analyze the association between psychological distress and sociodemographic characteristics, medical history,(More)
Impulsivity has been widely studied in the context of traffic. The trait is believed to be the root of some accidents, along with other variables like aggression and anger. The present research objective is to develop a new scale - the I-Driving Scale (IDS) - to evaluate and measure the construct of impulsivity in specific driving situations. To that end,(More)
The aim of this study is to develop a Spanish version of the Body Image Scale (Hopwood et al. Eur J Cancer 37(2):189–197, 2001) and to analyze its psychometric properties in a sample of women with breast or gynaecological cancer. The Spanish version of the Body Image Scale was developed using a forward and backward translation technique . A total sample of(More)
This study examined a gratitude intervention repeating Emmons and McCullough study (2003) in a Spanish sample, Participants were randomly assigned to one of three conditions (gratitude, hassles and any event) and kept daily records during 2 weeks of gratitude, affect, quality of relationships, physical and subjective well-being. We added design features to(More)
OBJECTIVES Selective processing of emotion-relevant information is considered a central feature in various types of psychopathology, yet the mechanisms underlying these biases are not well understood. One of the first steps in processing information is to gather data to judge the covariation or association of events. The aim of this study was to explore(More)
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