María José Frápolli

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An important component of recent pragmatic theorising is the view that the linguistically encoded meaning of an utterance often falls far short of determining the proposition that a speaker explicitly communicates and that the gap between the two is bridged by highly context-sensitive pragmatic processes. Crucially, processes of ‘free pragmatic enrichment’,(More)
The philosophical category of category mistakes is a mistake about categories. It has become commonplace to trace the beginnings of contemporary naturalism in philosophy to Quine's essay on naturalized epistemology (1969). As in all clichés, there is some truth to it, but reality is much more complicated. One could trace not one but two kinds of naturalism(More)
The purpose of this paper is to show that, pace (Field, 2009), MacFarlane's assessment relativism and expressivism should be sharply distinguished. We do so by arguing that relativism and expressivism exemplify two very different approaches to context-dependence. Relativism, on the one hand, shares with other contemporary approaches a bottom-up, building(More)
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