María José Fernández

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The use of postharvest controlled irradiation by UV pulses is proposed as a potential method to produce stilbene-enriched red wine. "Monastrell" grapes were UV-C-irradiated to increase stilbene content. The main inducible stilbenes were resveratrol and piceatannol, which are molecules with reported health-beneficial activities. The evolution of both(More)
We show that ground-based direct imaging detection of extra-solar planets is possible with current technology. As an example, we present evidence for a possible planetary companion to the young T Tauri star 1RXSJ104230.3−334014 (=TWA7), discovered by ROSAT as a member of the nearby TW Hya association. In an HST NICMOS F160W image, an object is detected that(More)
The use of microalgae for biomethane production has been considerably increasing during the recent years. In this study, four dominant species belonging to the genera Scenedesmus, Chlorella, Dunaliella and Nostoc were selected. The influence of different genera with several morphological, structural and physicochemical characteristics on methane production(More)
There have been previous hints that the transiting planet WASP-3b is accompanied by a second planet in a nearby orbit, based on small deviations from strict periodicity of the observed transits. Here we present 17 precise radial velocity (RV) measurements and 32 transit light curves that were acquired between 2009 and 2011. These data were used to refine(More)
We present the results of an intensive coordinated monitoring campaign in the optical and X-ray wavelength ranges of the low-mass, pre-main sequence star V410 Tau carried out in November 2001. The aim of this project was to study the relation between various indicators for magnetic activity that probe different emitting regions and would allow us to obtain(More)
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