María José Faus

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OBJECTIVE Our aim was to estimate the prevalence of medicine-related problems, understood as negative clinical outcomes, that result in hospital emergency department (ED) visits and to establish relationships among risk factors and the appearance of pharmacotherapy negative outcomes. METHODS Methods A stratified two-stage probabilistic sampling approach(More)
BACKGROUND Tissue 10:4(n-6) and 22:6(n-3) status have been correlated with neonatal development and growth. Artificial formulas for neonates have been supplemented with long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCP) from animal and marine sources which may enhance sensitivity of cellular membranes to oxidative damage. Diet-derived antioxidants like vitamin E(More)
R. tomentosus is a vegetal species closely related to the culinary rosemary (R. officinalis), a plant reported to contain antihepatotoxic agents. A dried ethanol extract of the aerial parts of Rosmarinus tomentosus (Lamiaceae) and its major fraction separated by column chromatography (fraction F19) were evaluated for antihepatotoxic activity in rats with(More)
BACKGROUND Bipolar I disorder (BD-I) is a chronic mental illness characterized by the presence of one or more manic episodes, or both depressive and manic episodes, usually separated by asymptomatic intervals. Pharmacists can contribute to the management of BD-I, mainly with the use of effective and safe drugs, and improve the patient's life quality through(More)
BACKGROUND Pharmacists can play an important role in both the detection of asthma and its monitoring in patients with asthma. OBJECTIVE To assess the change in asthma knowledge, and associated variables, of pharmacists attending the "Pharmacotherapy follow- up of Adult Bronchial Asthma" workshops run by the Pharmaceutical Care Center of Stada(More)
The results of analyses of patients’ health problems related to medication use have been highly variable due to various factors, such as different study methodology, diverse variables determined, fields of study. The aim of our study was to determine the prevalence and preventability of negative clinical outcomes of medication (NCOMs). This was a(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify and assess barriers for dissemination, implementation, and sustainability of different cognitive services in Spanish community pharmacies. DESIGN Qualitative study through semi-structured interviews followed by a descriptive analysis. METHOD Two groups of experts related to Spanish community pharmacy were chosen. One with 15(More)
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