María Jesús García-Ruiz

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It has been demonstrated that an anaerobic digestion process cannot attain an efficient removal of several amino acids, with methionine being one of the most persistent of these. Thus, the effect that methionine amino acid has over the partial-nitritation process with fixed-biofilm configuration in terms of performance and bacterial community dynamics has(More)
Nitrogen is a main contaminant of wastewater worldwide. Novel processes for nitrogen removal have been developed over the last several decades. One of these is the partial nitritation process. This process includes the oxidation of ammonium to nitrite without the generation of nitrate. The partial nitritation process has several advantages over traditional(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze the evolution of residual lithiasis after renal extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) and to show the prolonged efficacy of thiazides in the treatment of residual lithiasis in patients with calcium lithiasis. METHODS We performed a longitudinal, analytical, 36-month study in 100 patients with residual calcium lithiasis after(More)
OBJECTIVE To show the prolonged efficacy of thiazides in the prophylaxis and treatment of recurrences in patients with calcium oxalate and phosphate lithiasis. METHODS A randomised prospective study is conducted, with a three-year follow-up, in 150 patients diagnosed with recurrent calcium lithiasis. The patients are divided into three groups: A) 50 cases(More)
Two-stage technologies have been developed for anaerobic digestion of waste-activated sludge. In this study, the archaeal and bacterial community structure dynamics and bioprocess performance of a bench-scale two-stage anaerobic digester treating urban sewage sludge have been studied by the means of high-throughput sequencing techniques and physicochemical(More)
In recent years, due to the rise in petroleum prices and greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy has been recommended as a power source for different types of facilities. For the period 2010 to 2020 the European Commission has established three key objectives related to climatic change and energy sustainability, such as reductions of CO2 emissions,(More)
This paper describes a new method for predicting trihalomethanes (THMs) presence in networks of water supply systems, using a low-cost device that permits a fast monitoring of concentrations without need of complex analysis made in laboratories. This method, based on statistical models, allows the estimation of THM concentration by monitoring parameters(More)
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