María Jésia Vieira

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Chiara Erminia da Rocha, Mônica Lima Bispo, Thaciana dos S. Alcantara, Giselle de C Brito, Maria Jésia Vieira, Divaldo P de Lyra Jr Laboratory of Teaching and Research in Social Pharmacy (LEPFS/ UFS), Pharmacy Department, Federal University of Sergipe, Av. Marechal Rondon, s/n Jardim Rosa Elze, Postal Code 49100-000, São Cristóvão, Sergipe, Brazil. 2(More)
Descriptive and qualitative study carried out to subsidize the implementation process of Nursing systematization in a University Hospital. It was used questionnaires approaching activities, perception on Nursing and customer, knowledge and application of the Nursing process and problems which are consequence of non systemized assistance. Results identified(More)
BACKGROUND Medical ethics is structured to guide doctors towards a better professional practice. However, its teaching in medical schools seems to be neglected. AIM To evaluate the perception of Federal University of Sergipe medical students about ethical conflicts during their academic practice, in two different periods of a medical course. MATERIAL(More)
Qualitative study held in an emergency hospital in Aracaju-SE, which aimed to know the perception of nurses about what is a motivated nursing team, to identify possible motivational policies used by them and if they are consistent with the policies proposed by Frederick Herzberg in his theory. Of the 20 nurses participants, the most understood the(More)
This article seeks to reflect on the professional activity of the psychologist in the hospital context by examining the role of psychologists working in hospitals and maternity wards in the State of Sergipe. It seeks to identify the specific role of these professionals in hospitals and maternity wards, as well as their motivating forces and the difficulties(More)
This text contains the account of a practical research experience which uses the theory and techniques of oral narratives. The authors present the theoretical and methodological framework of the technique, the choice of the topic, which focused on the psychiatric patient and his/her family relationship, the research site and the characterization of(More)
A transversal study was realized in order to identify information about anticonceptive methods in high school students. The sample included 816 adolescents of both genders from public schools in Aracaju, Sergipe. With respect to this information, demographic, pedagogical, behavioral and reproductive aspects were also analyzed. It was verified that 59.0% of(More)
Motivation and dissatisfaction factors in the work of nurses were researched and identified in the health institutions of the city of Aracaju, with emphasis in the remuneration and working conditions. The sample comprised 10% of the nurses allotted in each health unit researched. It was found that remuneration is not the main motivation in work, but it is(More)
This study brings about a reflection on death and dying, commented as if they had the same meaning. Nowadays, one talks about death as seldom as possible and, by its negation, there appeared the negation of diseases, thus causing the diseased people to become totally dependant on health teams. Technological and scientific advances led to postponing death,(More)
This work outlines the facts that contributed for the creation of the Brazilian Association of Nursing in Sergipe. It reports the trajectory, contributions and main accomplishments of ABEN in that state, pointing out its participation in the foundation and organization of services and institutions. The study also mentions the difficulties faced by(More)