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Joint Seminar on " Challenges for Central Banks during the Current Global Crisis " and the Tor Vergata Banking and Finance Conference (Rome) for useful comments and discussions. We also thank Simon Wehrmueller for valuable research assistance. Ongena gratefully acknowledges the hospitality of the Swiss National Bank. Any views expressed are those of the(More)
The processing of facial expressions of emotions by 23 adults with Down syndrome and moderate intellectual disability was compared with that of adults with intellectual disability of other etiologies (24 matched in cognitive level and 26 with mild intellectual disability). Each participant performed 4 tasks of the Florida Affect Battery and an original task(More)
Days ago I formulated respectful questions on the recent survey of Gallup. That column has deserved diverse originating commentaries of those who consider that to lodge any doubt on the popularity survey it is a heresy Resumen Hace días formulé unas respetuosas preguntas sobre la reciente encuesta de
OBJECTIVES To calculate the prevalence of disabling chronic pain (DCP) and to offer a more representative and accurate estimation by applying different calibration techniques. SETTINGS 2011 Andalusian Health Survey, a cross-sectional population survey based on face-to-face home interviews. PARTICIPANTS 6507 people aged 16 years or older and living in(More)
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