María Isabel Ortega

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Mexican migrant and seasonal farmworkers in the US-Mexico border region face health hazards and occupational risks and are becoming commonly known in the public health literature. According to several studies, farmworkers have high levels of chronic diseases such as diabetes and respiratory problems, are at risk for infectious diseases, and experience among(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine the effect of dietary fiber consumption and lifestyle on serum lipids in adult men with non-restricted diet and physical activity. METHODS Two groups of 19 men were classified as high (48 g/day) and low fiber groups (27 g/day). Anthropometry, food frequency, daily weighed intakes and physical activity were(More)
BACKGROUND Living conditions and health of migrant farmworkers could benefit from a health promotion model based on corporate social responsibility (CSR). OBJECTIVE To understand how Mexican agribusiness owners and general managers view and practice CSR. METHODS We interviewed 8 agribusiness owners/managers and 233 farmworkers using open-ended(More)
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