María-Guadalupe Barrionuevo

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The vestigial gene (vg) was first characterized in Drosophila and several homologues were identified in vertebrates and called vestigial like 1-4 (vgll1-4). Vgll proteins interact with the transcription factors TEF-1 and MEF-2 through a conserved region called TONDU (TDU). Vgll4s are characterized by two tandem TDU domains which differentiate them from(More)
It is well established that chromosomes occupy distinct positions within the interphase nuclei, conferring a potential functional implication to the genome. In addition, alterations in the nuclear organisation patterns have been associated with disease phenotypes (e.g. cancer or laminopathies). The human sperm is the smallest cell in the body with specific(More)
Twenty Hampshire lambs (31 ± 4 kg BW) in individual metabolism cages were used in a 10-treatment by 2-period ( = 4) trial to evaluate the interaction between protein supplementation and sulfate water on intake and metabolic responses when lambs were fed low-quality grass hay (; 6.4% CP, 79.5% NDF). The treatment structure was a 2 × 5 factorial: 2 water(More)
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