María Georgina Poggio

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In the present work, we analysed the male meiosis, the content and distribution of heterochromatin and the number and location of nucleolus organizing regions in Microtomus lunifer (Berg, 1900) by means of standard technique, C- and fluorescent bandings, and fluorescent in situ hybridization with an 18S rDNA probe. This species is the second one(More)
Triatomainfestans (2n = 20 A + XY, male) is a blood-sucking bug and the most important vector of Chagas disease in the Southern Cone countries. A cytogenetic analysis of 14 individuals from the Argentine Gran Chaco has revealed the presence of a naturally heterozygous for an autosomal fusion. The fusion heterozygote (2n = 19 A + 1 extra chromosome + XY,(More)
Members of the family Cimicidae (Heteroptera: Cimicomorpha) are temporary bloodsuckers on birds and bats as primary hosts and humans as secondary hosts. Acanthocrios furnarii (2n=12=10+XY, male) and Psitticimex uritui (2n=31=28+X1X2Y, male) are two monotypic genera of the subfamily Haematosiphoninae, which have achiasmatic male meiosis of collochore type.(More)
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