María Florencia Pansa

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Using remote control videotape recording of interviews and subsequent analysis of the record, eight measures of nonverbal behavior (principally facial) have been made in 12 schizophrenic and 13 depressive subjects shortly after admission to the hospital and again prior to discharge. They were matched with controls who were interviewed in a similar way.(More)
The study of cellular interactions in the tumor microenvironment has become one of the main areas of research in the fight against cancer. Tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) influence tumor progression and therapy response due to its functional plasticity. Regarding cancer treatment, photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a minimally invasive and clinically(More)
Sixteen process and 16 reactive schizoprenics out-patients were compared on a verbal conditioning task in an alternating conditioning-extinction design, using verbal and non-verbal positive social reinforcement to influence the emission of self-referred affect statements. It was found that process subjects failed to condition during the time periods used,(More)
A drug monitoring programme has evaluated flexibility in the use of treatment intervals with Depot Fluphenazine. In this large group of schizophrenics over 30% receive injections at intervals of over 3 weeks or longer, with an overall relapse rate of 24%. Analysis of the intervals reveals in those who relapse, that 20% of cases increased their interval by(More)
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